Why Play Slot Machines?

The interest of slot machines may seem limited compared to table games with the best payout rates, such as blackjack (99% with the basic strategy) or roulette (98% by betting on single odds), and yet, it is indeed the type of game most played in French casinos, which moreover derive 80% of their profits from it.

The reason most often given by slot machine players is the attraction of big jackpots that can change the course of their lives. A bit like the lottery, slot machine jackpots make players dream. Table games do not offer huge win malaysia trusted online casino: you can multiply your roulette bet by 37 by betting on a number less impressive than jackpots multiplying your initial bet by 1000!

Do not expect to see this kind of record on slot machines every day; the previous one had been held since 1993 by a player who had won a jackpot of 8.6 million francs (1.3 million euros) in Casino of Divonnes-Les-Bains, in Ain.

Redistribution rates

While the blackjack player can easily lower the payout rate to 99.5%, while the roulette player can count on a 98% rate, slot machines only offer a rate between 85%. (minimum established by law in France) at 95% (if you are lucky): in general, casinos advertise a lot of this kind of high rate to attract customers.

Simple games

Finally, slot machines (or MAS for close friends) remain very simple games; you just have to bet the number of tokens corresponding to the number of lines you want to bet on and press the button: the interest remains limited. The adrenaline rush of seeing the right symbols line up.

The alternative: video poker

A good alternative between slot machines that can win big quickly and a bit of gaming strategy is to play video poker. This type of slot machine requires a minimum of strategy and thought to make it possible to win and also offers a redistribution rate close to 100%. This type of slot machine is very popular in Australia, particularly where Australians call them “pokies.”